Thursday, 27 December 2018

Saga - Vikings

New phone, better pictures.

My Saga Viking collection. Artizan figures, with Gripping Beast heroes, and Crusader miniatures Bezerkers.

Levies x 12

Warlords and Priest

Warriors x 8

Warriors x 8

Warriors x 8 with dane axes(can be filtered into the warriors above and used as generic)

Hearthguard x 4 with dane axe

Hearthguard x 8. (4 are dane axe armed with shield so can be designated as dane axe or hand weapon)

Beserkers x 4 (crusader miniatures)

Bonus pictures as they were available:

Objective markers finished

Milites Cristi force ready for tonight's game....

Monday, 10 December 2018

Saga V2, Irish vs Norse Gaels, scenario 3 in book of battles

Saga V2: Irish vs Norse Gaels

Set up and ready to battle.

 End of round 1

 end of round 2

 end of round 3

 end of round 4

 end of round 5

 the end