Monday, 10 December 2018

Saga V2, Irish vs Norse Gaels, scenario 3 in book of battles

Saga V2: Irish vs Norse Gaels

Set up and ready to battle.

 End of round 1

 end of round 2

 end of round 3

 end of round 4

 end of round 5

 the end

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Clan War

All figures

from back:12 swordmen, 20 archers(10 unpainted)

From back: 4 mounted westwind, 1 hero clan war.
4 foot west wind, 1 big hero clan war unpainted
4 damned clan war, 1 unpainted bezerker hero

front row clan war heros, heavys

front row clan war heros, heavy types

closer view of damned and westwind

closer view of mounted

closer view of basic warriors/bow

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Two years down the line....

Well where do I start.

It has been almost two years since I last posted on this blog. That is certainly a bit of a shock for me. Is it really that long ago. It certainly does not feel like it.

My life has changed quite a bit since that last post, which basically coincided with my computer developing the habit of closing down when it decided it was too hot.

I won't bore anyone with the personnal details and events, but from a gaming perspective I had to have a massive downscale in what I can play and where I can play it.

I have room to just fit a 4' by 4' gaming table up at home now, so anything larger scale is restricted to playing at other peoples houses. I also have very little storage space now, so what I collect and play has also taken quite a hit.

This is actually quite a good thing, in that it has made me much more dedicated to the figures I do want to keep, and games I wish to play.

I sold a lot of my things off, and have a much more streamlined collection now, although I have also managed to branch out into a few new areas too.

So for the gamers reading this what do I play now:


I still have my very large Saga Collection. After all this time I am since enjoying this game immensely. I have a lot of extra things painted up from the last time I posted.

No pictures atm, something I still need to work on there, but effectivly I have the following Warbands all painted -

Anglo Danes
Pagan Rus

Plus I also can add a lot of other varied units to those listed, but I can certainly field 6pts of each force.

I also have a few unpainted/being worked on warbands too, Mutatawai, Franks and Revenants.


This is something we have picked up on that we play occasionally. Cheap to get and easy to play. Mordheim Lite as I think of it, I am slowly painting up my Chronomancer warband and then its onto my Sigilist who has been reading some of the more darker tomes - A great excuse to paint her in much darker evil colours, and field a band of more nasty looking guys with her. The group seem to think my nickname should be Team Evil, so I suppose I better live up to it.


I have also started playing DBMM a little while back, and have painted up a 15mm army for the Catalan Company. As one of their options they can take some turks, which nicely let me add some figures to easily make a second army of Seljuk Turks, which I am in the process of finishing off .

These are very nice armys for me to look at, featuring some nice colour, and being 15mm they are actually very easy to store.

Wargods of Aegyptus,

I still have my Wargods figures, and have one of the large GW carry cases full of them. Still a great game to play, I love the way the activation orders work for this system.

Other Forces:

I still have approx 1500pts of Arc fleet for critical mass,

A 2000pt Moria goblin hoard for War of the Rings

A Clan War Crab Clan samurai army - This may have to go I think for storage reasons, and the fact I have not used it in some 5 years.

My last remaining Mordheim gang, The Sisters of Sigmar. Sentimental, as it was the game that really got me more serious about miniatures, and I would also never be able to replace these at a reasonable cost now.

And somewhere(I think it is in a friends garage) I have a large Battle Fleet Gothic collection. - Again I only have this for sentimental reasons, and I suspect it really should go to.

Well that is a bit of a blurb after a two year break.

I shall try to work on how I can get some pictures up again, as there are some interesting things in there.

Cheers for now, John.

Sunday, 11 May 2014


Saga. A nice simple title for this post. I thought I would list up what I have got painted and based (and played with) for Saga. I shocked myself with how much there actually is.

Scot/Irish (and Welsh) Type Figures

Warlord - Foot

8 Hearthguard - Foot/spears
6 Hearthguard - Foot/Daneaxes
2 Curaigh - Foot/Javelins
8 Hearthguard - Mounted(can also be used as Curaigh/Warlord)

32 Warriors - Foot/Spears
8 Wardogs

12 Levy - Foot/Javelins

Viking Type Figures

Warlord - Foot

8 Hearthguard
8 Beserkers
12 Hearthguard (Daneaxe armed)

16 Warriors (spear/javelins as required)

24 Levy (Bows)

Anglo Type Figures

Warlord Daneaxe
Warlord Sword (Hereward the Wake)
Warlord Axe (Aelfred the Great if I remember rightly))
12 Hearthguard Daneaxe
4 Hearthguard Spear

24 Warriors(Plastic GB)

12 Levy Slings(Plastic GB)

Spanish/Breton Type Figures

Warlord Mounted
Warlord Mounted
Warlord Mounted

8 Hearthguard Mounted

24 Warriors Mounted
8 warriors Foot

Byzantine Force

Warlord mounted

8 Hearthguard mounted with Spear
4 Hearthguard mounted with Bow

8 warrior with Spear
8 Warrior with Bow

Swords for Hire

8 Steppe Nomads
12 Angry Monks
8 Flemish Mercenarys (Plastic - Conquest Games with GB big plastic spears)
Bard on foot (Scot/Irish Themed)

Norman/Frank/Crusader Types

Warlord Mounted

8 Hearthguard Mounted (plastic)
8 Hearthguard Foot/Daneaxe (Plastic)

8 Warriors Foot/Crossbows (metal)
8 Warriors Mounted (plastic)
8 Warriors Foot (plastic)

12 Levy with Bow (plastic)

Arabic Figures

Warlord Mounted on Camel
Warlord Mounted on Horse

4 Hearthguard Mounted with Bow
4 Hearthguard Mounted 

24 Warriors

That is it for now, a total of 389 figures so far....

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Saga - Plastic Archers

Time for one of my infrequent posts. I know, but I have so much going on at the moment, the blog takes a bit of a back seat.

In my quest for something cool to paint, I have been converting a few plastic bowmen for use as archers in Norman/Carpetian Frank/Crusader armys for Saga. I really am surprised a company has not cottoned on to the fact that people want archers in plastic yet. there is a serious dearth of these. Still, with a little ingenuity I have created my own.

Parts are Conquest Games plastic Infantry, with a few arms from their mounted sprue, with Games Workshop bows and quivers out of my bits pile.

I took bows from the Militia sprues that GW make for their Empire army (and also released as Mordheim adventurers), and trimmed the hands off. These were then glued in the open right hands from the conquest games mounted sprue, and also the open left hand from the infantry sprue (this one is part of the greataxe pair). Quivers are a mix of types, no idea which range, though possibly undead? I shaved them a bit to remove the usual skulls GW love, and shaped the backs to fit better. Job Done...

I am actually really pleased with how these have turned out, and they have painted up well. I have twelve in total, with 4 painted so far.

Whilst I am posting, I have also been sorting some mounted guys for these too. Here is a couple of pictures.
Note the shields are hand painted, and thy came up rather nicely considering I think.

Let me know what you think, Cheers, John.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Saga C&C Spanish

Here I show something I have been working on for the last 10 months. Some Spanish for the forthcoming next release of the Saga expansion Crescent and Cross. Note that although the bases are painted, they are still awaiting grasses. I shall get these at Salute when I have the chance to find appropriate colours "in the flesh" rather than on the internet screen.

Ok on to the pictures - First a group shot, showing the whole warband.

Next we have two shots of the warband leaders.

Here are the hearthguards of the army. There are actually 9 of these, as I made a dedicated banner bearer for use when I require it. The Flag itself is made from a hand painted post-it note and plenty of varnish...

Lastly two of my warrior units, 1 on foot, and 1 of the 3 mounted units (the others are visible in the army shot but the pictures blurred to much to show)

Cheers, John.


Sunday, 9 March 2014

Saga Event Terrain

Well I have got enough terrain pieces done for 10 tables for the Saga event I am running.

Looks quite impressive altogether, covering a 4' x 3' cloth.

Proof they say is in the picture. Also note the 10 holy icon pieces are there too, tucked on on edge.

While I was there, I see the figures I have been working on slowly for a while have snuck into shot.

Some Gripping Beast Spanish - So far I have 5 points finished ready for Saga. I like these a lot, and they have turned out rather well I feel.

I also have been working on 2 Mounted Curaigh for my Saga Irish warband. One of the guys has had his paint finished. Sadly the shield does not look in the photograph anything like it looks in real life. It really looks good in the flesh, but looks total pants in the picture, oh well...

Well that has kept me pretty busy for a while. Onto the next 8 more Spanish light horse, and the other Curaigh tomorrow I guess (when his GS hair sets)

Cheers, John.