Friday, 23 August 2013

More EoTD and some Urban War.

One of those days when a few posts all crop up together.....Here are a couple of pictures of the Lyacon gang I threw together utilizing a few Old figures out of the "out of the way but not totally worthless" biscuit tin. Mostly painted a few years back, a couple of arm chops and painting brought them back to life. The Packmaster is an old Horrorclix figure, I chopped its clipboard out of his hand with a scalpal, and again a speedy repaint, brought me to completion. The Leader is the Reaper Bones werewolf, super cheap, but a superb figure. I have two wolves to finish this faction, no picture at the moment. One is the wolf from the Salute show that had a goblin rider. I finally found a use for him. I must find the other one I have somewhere, they look pretty cool. For now the other is an Old GW one I had spare.

Also featured are some of the Urban War Viridian figures I mentioned a while back I was painting. Not much to say reguarding these, other than I still have 3 basic warriors to go, but they are actually quite nice simple figures to paint once i got in the zone with them.

Cheers, John.

FIW French regulars/marines

Well something very cool.

A while ago my first follower ran a competition on his blog, in which I won a prize.

He graciously agreed to paint a unit of Front Rank French Regulars/Marines for me.

Today he put up some finished pictures, and how fantastic they are.

Now I direct you to James Blog site to check them out, (and his superb Blog too, if you don't know it, have a read, it is well worth it)

See them here -

Empire of the Dead Holy Order Deep Ones

Well I promised some pictures of the Faction I made up for Empire of the Dead so here they are, with some words too to explain my thoughts.

I purchased a box of RAFM Deep ones dirt cheap a while ago, and decided to use them as a faction for Empire of the Dead by WestWind. After examining the figures, and noting the three limited poses, I then turned to the rulebook and examined my options.

After a bit of tinkering with various lists and points builds, I ended up going for the Holy Order faction as my base line. Two things swayed me - The Knight Marshall has the Flight power, so a cool conversion would be in order. I could explain their reptilian nature away and thus their cold blood as the reason Vampires are spine chilled by them (rather than faffing with holy symbols and the like). This all seemed to fit rather well in the end. They are a Good faction, but I have no qualms with this. It does not mean they have to like Gentlemen and the such disturbing their peace.

Ok lets gets some pictures, as that is why you are really here I am sure -

Firstly, The Deacon and the Knight Marshall. The Deacon is armed with a sword and a Hunting Rifle, The Knight Marshall has a Sword and a Dagger. I really like how the Knight Marshall wings have come out, they have blended into the figure rather well. If you look carefully you can see the angles of the sword and dagger match the angles of the wings too, a subtle effect that just helps it look quite pleasing to the eye.

Next we have the Confessor and a Brother. The Confessor is armed with a Man Portable Gatling Gun and Sword, The Brother has a Heavy Pistol and Bullseye Lantern.

Finally we have a Brother armed with a Two Handed Weapon, and a Brother armed with a Shotgun. I actually have 3 of each of these figures, which I have left as stock. They fill out the ranks rather nicely as required.

Comments and Criticisms most welcome.

Cheers, John.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

A brief note

A few words on what has been going on here at John towers...(hmm not a good name for a bungalow)...

I have been having a little break from Dark Age painting as I have overdosed somewhat in the last year.

So other than 4 cavalry, of a Saga faction I can't mention as yet, I have been painting a little sci-fi stuff, mostly as I wanted to use one of them as a character figure for Dark Heresy roleplaying, and also to finally get then painted.

Namely, some Urban Mammoth Viridians, for their Urban War game system. 5 Guardsmen, 1 Sniper, 2 Special forces and a sergeant. A nice little 300pt force which has been sitting around untouched for a while now. I have 4 guardsmen still to finish off, but they are chugging along very enjoyably. These are certainly some figures I would recommend well worth a look.

I have also been working on some deep ones from RAFM that I managed to acquire very cheaply a month or so ago. I have been converting a few up for use in West winds Empire of the Dead rule set. A jolly little game that is simple to play . I quite like it. It has definitely grown on me over time.

I am using the Holy Order faction rules for them, and have a couple of interesting conversions, including wings for one of them. Just finished painting them tonight, and have the base materia applied and ready to colour once dried. I look forward to doing a few pictures of these once they are finished, I am very pleased how they have turned out.

So not huge amounts to report, but work in the school holidays is always a bit more manic, so time is stretched a little till I get my holiday in the last two weeks of the summer break (also known as the two MOST expensive weeks if I did want to go away)

Cheers, John.