Sunday, 11 August 2013

A brief note

A few words on what has been going on here at John towers...(hmm not a good name for a bungalow)...

I have been having a little break from Dark Age painting as I have overdosed somewhat in the last year.

So other than 4 cavalry, of a Saga faction I can't mention as yet, I have been painting a little sci-fi stuff, mostly as I wanted to use one of them as a character figure for Dark Heresy roleplaying, and also to finally get then painted.

Namely, some Urban Mammoth Viridians, for their Urban War game system. 5 Guardsmen, 1 Sniper, 2 Special forces and a sergeant. A nice little 300pt force which has been sitting around untouched for a while now. I have 4 guardsmen still to finish off, but they are chugging along very enjoyably. These are certainly some figures I would recommend well worth a look.

I have also been working on some deep ones from RAFM that I managed to acquire very cheaply a month or so ago. I have been converting a few up for use in West winds Empire of the Dead rule set. A jolly little game that is simple to play . I quite like it. It has definitely grown on me over time.

I am using the Holy Order faction rules for them, and have a couple of interesting conversions, including wings for one of them. Just finished painting them tonight, and have the base materia applied and ready to colour once dried. I look forward to doing a few pictures of these once they are finished, I am very pleased how they have turned out.

So not huge amounts to report, but work in the school holidays is always a bit more manic, so time is stretched a little till I get my holiday in the last two weeks of the summer break (also known as the two MOST expensive weeks if I did want to go away)

Cheers, John.

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