Sunday, 30 June 2013

M&T 300pts Battle

A brief report of todays 300pt battle, British versus Americans AWI.

British had - (28 Figures) - Slaughter Objective

Regular Officer with the Regular Talent, 10 Regular Infantry
Ranger Officer with xxx and xxx talents, Two units of 6 Rangers
6 Indians

Americans had - (42 figures) (+ civilian officer and 2 units of 6 civilians) - Recon Objective

Officer with 14 Regulars
8 Minutemen
8 Minutemen
6 Riflemen
5 Indians

Side plots - British Regular officer needed to end the game in the house with no enemy units, American officer had to leave the table from the British deployment zone.

Here is the table after deployment all ready to start...

Much movement took place in turn one, with a few ineffectual shots fired. Clearly my excitement levels rose here as the photos all went blurry for a spell....We rejoin the action photo wise at the end of turn two. What had happened - Well the British had had a very poor turn. The regulars had assaulted the building only to be repulsed by the civilians within. The Rangers had shot ineffectually on their right flank at the civilians (the 6 Indians in white coats) and where then repulsed by a devastating round from the advancing American regulars. The other six rangers had also fled from the one casualty caused on them by a civilian in the house with his musket. They did at least manage to make the American Indians flee first though

The next turn brought fortune to the British side though. The Lone officer manged to charge the building, killing all the civilians and then their officer in melee. The building was his. All he needed to do was stay there.
The Rangers on the British right and then their officer were swiftly dispatched by the American regulars though. A gun dual ensued on the left flank between the minutenmen and the regrouped rangers, But more minutemen and some riflemen were pushing up the center of the board.

The indians get the jump on the Minutemen in the center. Firstly they make them flee, then they break cover to try and finish them off. Just in time, as they threatening to swamp the lone officer in the building.

The Rangers (I used the cois de bois figures) drove off the other minutemen by taking them on in melee combat, all shooting seemingly ineffectual on that flank. They would eventually manage to get deep in the woods and finish them all off leaving just 4 Indians on this flank for the Americans.

In the center of the board, the two remaining British Regulars managed to outshoot the riflemen and cause them to flee to the field in panic.
Things suddenly were really looking good for the British, where upon their morale card was drawn. Realizing how outnubered they still were, The officer decided to order a full retreat, and the remnants of the force withdrew from the table (I rolled a hell of a lot of 1's, only the Indians did not actually rout from the table lol, but still getting a flee result).

We called this an Impressive major victory to the Americans. They still had enough troops to achieve their objective and their Officer could achieve his side plot with ease. They also still had a full unit of 6 civilians on the table. I am sure they had bullet proof vests on. I hit them a lot, but the shot just bounced off every time.

Here are the figures left at the end of the game. (there are also 4 Indians in the woods to the left)

What a great day. I can see the value of the big cheap units to keep that morale card at bay for sure. But I did push him close to his break point too, so The British were certainly plucky.

Cheers, John.

The 45th and some Cois de Bois

Heres a few shots of the finished M&T units (bases need flocking but they are gaming ready)

First the 45th contingent of my british force - An officer and 10 regulars.

Next we have another officer this one is going to be in charge of the Light troops - Again done up in 45th style colours, no idea if this is historical though...I guess I will have to research more..I like the finished look though so that is the most important primary aspect covered.

Finally a picture of the finished conversions for Cois de Bois (hat chops from British battalion company figures) which I think have come out rather well.

Any thoughts or comments much appreciated as always, cheers, John.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

A Varied Day

Well what a long but eventful day gaming wise for me.

I started by going off to my local games shop for one of his open days where I said I would run Saga demo's throughout the day. Unfortunately most people who usually frequent the shop had decided to drive across the country for a Tank fair so I only got one game in with the shop owner, as the other customers that did come in had played at the last one I was at, or did not have the time. He enjoyed it though so that was cool.

Also had a good chat about M&T to another couple of the locals, and it looks like the next demo I will run will be for that. Should be fun.

Whilst there I did manage to pick up a few interesting pieces today - rubs hands with glee.

I picked up Hereward the Wake for Saga, who gives me the perfect excuse to make more Flemish Mercenarys.

Also a pack of  4 Crusader woodland Indians from the sale bin for £2.50

(and here is the good one) A pack of 3 Crusader pirate musket men that should work great with appropiate paint scheme for civilians for M&T, also from the sale bin (£1.50)

Finally I picked up a strange bargain I could not resist - 10 Deep Ones from RAFM for just £2.00

(photo taken from their site)

These have a plan behind the purchase - I am thinking potential here for a gang for Empire of the Dead which my friend Stu keeps badgering me to play again. A couple of small conversions to "Hero" three up and it should work well with luck.

Once home, I managed to find some time to finish off a load of basing I needed to do on my latest M&T stuff, Officer and 10 Regulars for the British (45th), 6 Cois de Bois conversions, and another English officer type. Hopefully I will get a few pictures of these up soon.

Had to get it done, Got a game tomorrow afternoon, and a load of Americans to try and see off.

So my day ended in setting up the table ready for play tomorrow. Hopefully I can stop enjoying myself long enough to actually take a few in game photos for a change.

Cheers, John.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Expanding the blog

I have decided that I am going to expand this blog into the other games I play and paint. Careful use of labels should keep it all fairly in order and aid navigation.

After thoughts (and brief effort) on starting a new general blog and keeping this running too, the ease of just having the one site makes so much more sense.

So the main things to expect in addition to the M&T are -

Saga - lots of it, for as you may know I have a very minor role within the Saga system and it is something I just love.

Wargods of Aegyptus - A system and figures I particularly enjoy. Mr Fitzpatrick really does some wonderful sculpts and the painting style of these in the age it is set is really cool to.

15mm - I am slowly working out some Gruntz pieces and Critical Mass games bits. My little jaunt into sci fi.

Roleplaying odds and ends - I love adding odd figures to my collection of stuff for use when we are doing D&D and Dark Heresy. A great excuse for those weird and wonderful one off figures you just can't resist on occassion.

Those cover the main things that take up my time, but occasionally other systems pop up too for a little reworking or additions etc. It will be nice to have somewhere to mention them.

Can't stop without adding a couple of old pictures, so here we are -

Firstly the last group shot of all my painted saga figures at the time -

A couple of 15mm walkers from Critical Mass

An Osiris unit from wargods of aegyptus converted to use javelins.

Cheers, John.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Painted Miniatures Massive Update

Time for a massive update with some glorious (for me taking them) pictures.

As I stated previously I have made some good inroads into my M&T figure pile. About time to show some of the goodness off.

Firstly, we have the progress that has been made on some of my British. Namely, a regular officer and a couple of his men. I have one more done now and another of the ten started. Slow progress on these, but they don't encourage my usual style of painting. I like how they are turning out though. I think they will look very impressive as a unit on the table.

Next we have some French stuff. Here is an Officer, and then him and 6 Chasseurs.

Here are the first three of my converted Cois de Bois/Canadian types. Still a little work to be done, but overall I am pleased with these and how they turned out. (the one in the flat cap will be the unit commander)

Lastly I have left my Indian Units. These are for my French forces. The first unit is painted by me, The second unit (with the white jackets) are painted by my friend Stu, (who will be the one mostly using them) and what a cracking job he has done for sure. They actually stand/blend together as units on the table quite well.

Comments and criticisms are most welcome, Cheers, John.

Friday, 21 June 2013

45th Regiment of Foot

Borrowed off the web for my sins, this is a brief about a unit I am basing my Regulars around.

45th Regiment of Foot


The 45th Regiment was raised in 1741 as Houghton's Regiment, for service during the War of the Austrian Succession. It was first posted to Gibraltar in 1745, before moving to Nova Scotia in 1747 for garrison duty. In 1758 the regiment fought in the Siege of Louisburg. which became the regiments first battle honor.

From 1774 the regiment was in action in North America during the American War of Independence, fighting in the battles of Long Island, Philadelphia, Brandywine Creek and Germantown. In 1783 they returned home to Nottingham, where the citizens petitioned for the regiment to be named "the Nottinghamshire regiment". This was granted the same year, becoming the 45th (1st Nottinghamshire) Regiment.
The regiment returned to the Americas in 1786, spending the next 16 years, with one break, in the West Indies. During this time they saw action against the French as part of the French Revolutionary Wars, at Martinique, Dominica and Les Saintes.

After an expedition to South America in 1807, fighting at Buenos Aires, the 45th returned to Britain, to take part in Wellington's Peninsular campaign. In this they fought in every major action, winning the nickname "Old Stubborns" at Talavera, and being commended at Busaco and Badajoz.

Following the end of the Napoleonic Wars the Nottinghamshires served in a series of colonial campaigns. In 1819 they were in Ceylon, and in 1824 in the First Burma War. In 1843 they were in South Africa for the First Kaffir War, and in 1851 for the Second. In 1867, now called the 45th Nottinghamshire Regiment (Sherwood Foresters), they took part in the Abyssinian campaign.
In 1881, as part of the Childers Reforms, the 45th was amalgamated with the 95th (Derbyshire) Regiment to form the Sherwood Foresters.

Monday, 17 June 2013

5 months and Trappers.

Well I see lots of 1/2 year reports on some of the blogs I visit. Perhaps I will jump on the band wagon a little here, and also show something I have been working on.

It is actually 5 months since I started this blog, and my attention has been a little diverted from time to time I will confess. From health issues with the wife, and other various home things, and my Saga duties and enjoyment, my M&T experiance has been very slow in coming to fruition. But slow is not always a bad thing.

I have been working away painting the odd figure and getting up to my target of two 300pt armys finished. Still not there yet but it is one of those things that is destined to be a wonderful diversion for me from the masses of Saga and other things I am working on.

The way things are so far =

British -

7 Rangers Finished.
6 Indians Finished.
10 Regulars - 2 done, 8 to go.
Officer - Unpainted
8 Light infantry - Unpainted
10 Light infantry - Unpainted

French -

Indian Officer Finished
6 Indians Finished
6 Indians Finished (painted by my friend Stu)
6 Chasseurs Finished
Officer Finished
10 Regulars - Unpainted

So, they are getting there.

 Something I am working on, for my French, is some figures I can use as Coureurs des Bois/Canadian locally raised militia.

To make these, a brief bit of explaining. Early in the year I got very lucky on ebay and won a dirt cheap bid on 24 Front Rank British Light infantry. (actually they are called Battalion Company, but they will do as Light Infantry for me) (basically the guys are on pictures 1,2 and 8 here - Link to Pictures

Sorting through them, I have organised two units, one of 8, and one of 10. This left me 6 spares....

Now my poor French are lacking in figures compared to the British, and as I was looking at the 6 figures I decided I would adapt them for my French forces. Chopping the hats a little, and some green stuff work presented me with some home made Canadians. Hope you enjoy, I mostly finished the first one today. Just a little touching up of the leggings and some basing and we are good to go.

I think he has turned out quite well, and certainly has a bit of a trapper look about him. Just leaves 5 to go..

Cheers, John.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Long Overdue

Very long overdue for a post on my blog.

Life has been going along reasonably well. I have been up to my neck in lots and lots of Saga related stuff though, so my M&T has taken a bit of a back burner for the moment.

I have slowly been adding painted figures to the mix though in preparation.

Here is a shot of the Indians I have for my British Forces. I got these via a trade on the Lead Adventures forum. Very nice figures that were enjoyable to paint. They fit in well scale wise with the Front Rank stuff, just being a little leaner in appearance.

I also have the first two of my British Regulars painted. One of the guys (the one in the back of this picture) decided to jump off the table, which broke off his bayonet. Rather than try fix it, I decided to file the end down more and utilise him as my leader figure for the unit. (he now stands out as the only one with no bayonet)

I also have two French officers painted, two of my French marines, and 13 Indians (all front Rank) for my French forces done. (7 Indians done by me, the other 6 done by my friend Stu exceedingly well). Sadly my camera eats batteries so these were all the shots I could get at the moment.

In other developments, another friend of mine has nearly completed his AWI American force, so a game should be in the offing very soon.

More to come soon, when my Saga works and life allows,

Cheers, John.