Sunday, 30 June 2013

The 45th and some Cois de Bois

Heres a few shots of the finished M&T units (bases need flocking but they are gaming ready)

First the 45th contingent of my british force - An officer and 10 regulars.

Next we have another officer this one is going to be in charge of the Light troops - Again done up in 45th style colours, no idea if this is historical though...I guess I will have to research more..I like the finished look though so that is the most important primary aspect covered.

Finally a picture of the finished conversions for Cois de Bois (hat chops from British battalion company figures) which I think have come out rather well.

Any thoughts or comments much appreciated as always, cheers, John.

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  1. Looking good John, have you tried flesh wash on your face's to add a bit of contrast.
    Peace James