Saturday, 29 June 2013

A Varied Day

Well what a long but eventful day gaming wise for me.

I started by going off to my local games shop for one of his open days where I said I would run Saga demo's throughout the day. Unfortunately most people who usually frequent the shop had decided to drive across the country for a Tank fair so I only got one game in with the shop owner, as the other customers that did come in had played at the last one I was at, or did not have the time. He enjoyed it though so that was cool.

Also had a good chat about M&T to another couple of the locals, and it looks like the next demo I will run will be for that. Should be fun.

Whilst there I did manage to pick up a few interesting pieces today - rubs hands with glee.

I picked up Hereward the Wake for Saga, who gives me the perfect excuse to make more Flemish Mercenarys.

Also a pack of  4 Crusader woodland Indians from the sale bin for £2.50

(and here is the good one) A pack of 3 Crusader pirate musket men that should work great with appropiate paint scheme for civilians for M&T, also from the sale bin (£1.50)

Finally I picked up a strange bargain I could not resist - 10 Deep Ones from RAFM for just £2.00

(photo taken from their site)

These have a plan behind the purchase - I am thinking potential here for a gang for Empire of the Dead which my friend Stu keeps badgering me to play again. A couple of small conversions to "Hero" three up and it should work well with luck.

Once home, I managed to find some time to finish off a load of basing I needed to do on my latest M&T stuff, Officer and 10 Regulars for the British (45th), 6 Cois de Bois conversions, and another English officer type. Hopefully I will get a few pictures of these up soon.

Had to get it done, Got a game tomorrow afternoon, and a load of Americans to try and see off.

So my day ended in setting up the table ready for play tomorrow. Hopefully I can stop enjoying myself long enough to actually take a few in game photos for a change.

Cheers, John.

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