Saturday, 22 June 2013

Painted Miniatures Massive Update

Time for a massive update with some glorious (for me taking them) pictures.

As I stated previously I have made some good inroads into my M&T figure pile. About time to show some of the goodness off.

Firstly, we have the progress that has been made on some of my British. Namely, a regular officer and a couple of his men. I have one more done now and another of the ten started. Slow progress on these, but they don't encourage my usual style of painting. I like how they are turning out though. I think they will look very impressive as a unit on the table.

Next we have some French stuff. Here is an Officer, and then him and 6 Chasseurs.

Here are the first three of my converted Cois de Bois/Canadian types. Still a little work to be done, but overall I am pleased with these and how they turned out. (the one in the flat cap will be the unit commander)

Lastly I have left my Indian Units. These are for my French forces. The first unit is painted by me, The second unit (with the white jackets) are painted by my friend Stu, (who will be the one mostly using them) and what a cracking job he has done for sure. They actually stand/blend together as units on the table quite well.

Comments and criticisms are most welcome, Cheers, John.

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