Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The 55th Foot, Civilian Pirates and Hereward

I have finished painting a few more bits (excepting base work...), Mostly M&T, namely the 55th Foot.

Quite pleased with these, they have a look about them I am happy with, and they blend rather well with my existing forces. We have two units of 8 Light infantry and an Officer.

I have also finished off 3 Pirates that I am going to use for civilians in M&T. I rather enjoyed painting these a lot, and they broke the Unit painting up well. I think I may have to invest in a few more of this line of figures sometime. A very characterful bunch.

Finally, I got busy with Hereward the Wake, a special character figure for Saga.

I got a little fancy (for me) with this chap in places, but like how it has come out. I think when he is based it should really bring the colours, and detailed paint areas out well. Also note i used a Crusader (manufacturer) shield on him as it comes with the hand strap.

Cheers, John.

Edits in - I have just been looking back at the pictures. I really don't think they do my models any justice lol. They look so much better in real life. Just thought I would mention it.


  1. They look pretty darn good in the pictures too. Very nice. Love the musket armed civilians.