Monday, 8 July 2013

Latest painting news

No pictures as yet, but lots of progress has been made on the painting front over the weekend.

One unit of 8 British Lights are finished.

The other unit of  8 British Lights has 6 models done, and just 2 remaining to do.

The 3 Pirates/civilians are now done too, breaking up the monotony of the units pleasantly.

I also did a figure for Saga between a few too, Hereward the Wake. Very pleased with how this guy has come out. 16 plastic crusader miniatures foot are starting soon as Flemish Mercenarys to go with him.

Dark Heresy Roleplaying tomorrow night, but i think I am free on Wednesday to try and get some photos.

I will post a couple of  pics from my old stuff as it has not featured on my blog, and it is always cool to add a few things to actually look at.

Heres a few bits from my Malifaux collection (I must reshoot these sometime, As my camera skills have improved a bit from when I took these pictures).

 First some Ronin. I think these are some of the best figures from the Malifaux line.

Then we have Bishop. I love the hair on this guy.

Finally we have Misaki. This was my first (and only) attempt at wet blending. I think it came out quite well.

 Cheers, John.


  1. looking forward to seeing photos of all your new M& T stuff you have been a busy boy well done
    Peace James

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