Friday, 5 July 2013

Some Painting

I have been doing a lot of painting this week. Sadly 4 days of it was mostly white gloss in a ladies toilet at work with 3 cubicles .... When you touch a wall to smooth the paint in preparation and the plaster beneath just falls out right to the brick in powder form you know it is going to be a bad day at the office ... Still enough of that rubbish, onto the more interesting facets, I did get a little miniature painting done this week.

Firstly a little exposure on my dodgy painting habits. I really struggle to batch paint. I find I have to break up units and add little bits and pieces in here and there to break the monotony of similar figures. Hence why there is a random bunch of things to show off here.

Onto the painting before I really bore you...

Last game I played, I realized I did not actually have any "fields" or anything to even substitute for them. This need rectifying. So I grabbed an old tea towel, and a piece of board I was using for cutting on (salvaged from a bin at work). A little scissor magic and some pva glue, then a little home mixed paint, which was used again with more added cheap yellow for the second coat produced the following. I quite like it. It will certainly do for the moment for M&T and Saga I believe. 28mm Front Rank British figure for scale.
(board is about 11" x 8" using caretakers eye for measurement)

Next we move onto a little 15mm Sci Fi. I am slowly doing these up for the game called Gruntz. I have not actually tried this yet, but have had a look through the rules and it looks a pretty decent set. The first are some I painted a little while ago, 6 x Naga Infantry by Critical Mass games, I just have never taken pictures before. The one with the white stripe is the units leader figure. Also note the bright colours. Now this really is something I do not tend to do often. As I post more things you will possibly notice my more muted approch to colour, but again I digress.

Next we have what I actually did this week to split my unit time up a little, an Agamid Infantry, again from Critical Mass. The theory behind my force for Grunts is that it will be a mercenary type company, so That adds to the fact I can have an army of many varied units and different colours. I like how this has turned out, especially as it is 15mm. A bit star wars inspired maybe looking at it... 5 more to go of these.

Finally one of my Pirate figures I bought last saturday to use as civilians in M&T. I kept him more muted. Sometimes I think a beautiful sculpt just needs a simple paint scheme to show it off better. I really like this one. I am turning into quite a fan of Crusader miniatures, my style of painting seems to sit nicely with their stuff.

Well what have these all been interrupting, British Light Infantry is the answer. I have found a terrific unit to base them on, the 55th Foot, which compliments my 45th Regulars well. No picture yet, as they are still in progress. 4 down, 4 to go for the first unit of 8, then another 8 of the fellows.

As always, your thoughts/criticisms are always much appreciated.

Cheers, John.


  1. nice work on the field. What colour do you undercoat your figures?
    Peace James

    1. It varies. Mostly Brown, but Black on heavily armoured(ie lots of metallics), or very occasionally grey. Oddly when I do figures white it is usually from a black undercoat. I have never been able to get on with a white undercoat. If you were suspicious of the metal base showing on the 15mm guy its because I undercoat by brush. Never seem to have the money spare to buy a spray when I want one...

      This does give me a good excuse to dig out a few figures and do a step by step run through of my varied styles of painting on my blog though, as I paint different things in very different ways. You have inspired another idea now James.

  2. Nice field. I have been thinking of using a similar method myself. Looks good.