Sunday, 1 May 2016

Two years down the line....

Well where do I start.

It has been almost two years since I last posted on this blog. That is certainly a bit of a shock for me. Is it really that long ago. It certainly does not feel like it.

My life has changed quite a bit since that last post, which basically coincided with my computer developing the habit of closing down when it decided it was too hot.

I won't bore anyone with the personnal details and events, but from a gaming perspective I had to have a massive downscale in what I can play and where I can play it.

I have room to just fit a 4' by 4' gaming table up at home now, so anything larger scale is restricted to playing at other peoples houses. I also have very little storage space now, so what I collect and play has also taken quite a hit.

This is actually quite a good thing, in that it has made me much more dedicated to the figures I do want to keep, and games I wish to play.

I sold a lot of my things off, and have a much more streamlined collection now, although I have also managed to branch out into a few new areas too.

So for the gamers reading this what do I play now:


I still have my very large Saga Collection. After all this time I am since enjoying this game immensely. I have a lot of extra things painted up from the last time I posted.

No pictures atm, something I still need to work on there, but effectivly I have the following Warbands all painted -

Anglo Danes
Pagan Rus

Plus I also can add a lot of other varied units to those listed, but I can certainly field 6pts of each force.

I also have a few unpainted/being worked on warbands too, Mutatawai, Franks and Revenants.


This is something we have picked up on that we play occasionally. Cheap to get and easy to play. Mordheim Lite as I think of it, I am slowly painting up my Chronomancer warband and then its onto my Sigilist who has been reading some of the more darker tomes - A great excuse to paint her in much darker evil colours, and field a band of more nasty looking guys with her. The group seem to think my nickname should be Team Evil, so I suppose I better live up to it.


I have also started playing DBMM a little while back, and have painted up a 15mm army for the Catalan Company. As one of their options they can take some turks, which nicely let me add some figures to easily make a second army of Seljuk Turks, which I am in the process of finishing off .

These are very nice armys for me to look at, featuring some nice colour, and being 15mm they are actually very easy to store.

Wargods of Aegyptus,

I still have my Wargods figures, and have one of the large GW carry cases full of them. Still a great game to play, I love the way the activation orders work for this system.

Other Forces:

I still have approx 1500pts of Arc fleet for critical mass,

A 2000pt Moria goblin hoard for War of the Rings

A Clan War Crab Clan samurai army - This may have to go I think for storage reasons, and the fact I have not used it in some 5 years.

My last remaining Mordheim gang, The Sisters of Sigmar. Sentimental, as it was the game that really got me more serious about miniatures, and I would also never be able to replace these at a reasonable cost now.

And somewhere(I think it is in a friends garage) I have a large Battle Fleet Gothic collection. - Again I only have this for sentimental reasons, and I suspect it really should go to.

Well that is a bit of a blurb after a two year break.

I shall try to work on how I can get some pictures up again, as there are some interesting things in there.

Cheers for now, John.

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