Sunday, 11 May 2014


Saga. A nice simple title for this post. I thought I would list up what I have got painted and based (and played with) for Saga. I shocked myself with how much there actually is.

Scot/Irish (and Welsh) Type Figures

Warlord - Foot

8 Hearthguard - Foot/spears
6 Hearthguard - Foot/Daneaxes
2 Curaigh - Foot/Javelins
8 Hearthguard - Mounted(can also be used as Curaigh/Warlord)

32 Warriors - Foot/Spears
8 Wardogs

12 Levy - Foot/Javelins

Viking Type Figures

Warlord - Foot

8 Hearthguard
8 Beserkers
12 Hearthguard (Daneaxe armed)

16 Warriors (spear/javelins as required)

24 Levy (Bows)

Anglo Type Figures

Warlord Daneaxe
Warlord Sword (Hereward the Wake)
Warlord Axe (Aelfred the Great if I remember rightly))
12 Hearthguard Daneaxe
4 Hearthguard Spear

24 Warriors(Plastic GB)

12 Levy Slings(Plastic GB)

Spanish/Breton Type Figures

Warlord Mounted
Warlord Mounted
Warlord Mounted

8 Hearthguard Mounted

24 Warriors Mounted
8 warriors Foot

Byzantine Force

Warlord mounted

8 Hearthguard mounted with Spear
4 Hearthguard mounted with Bow

8 warrior with Spear
8 Warrior with Bow

Swords for Hire

8 Steppe Nomads
12 Angry Monks
8 Flemish Mercenarys (Plastic - Conquest Games with GB big plastic spears)
Bard on foot (Scot/Irish Themed)

Norman/Frank/Crusader Types

Warlord Mounted

8 Hearthguard Mounted (plastic)
8 Hearthguard Foot/Daneaxe (Plastic)

8 Warriors Foot/Crossbows (metal)
8 Warriors Mounted (plastic)
8 Warriors Foot (plastic)

12 Levy with Bow (plastic)

Arabic Figures

Warlord Mounted on Camel
Warlord Mounted on Horse

4 Hearthguard Mounted with Bow
4 Hearthguard Mounted 

24 Warriors

That is it for now, a total of 389 figures so far....


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    1. I must be psychic as I came on here for the first time in over a year and found your comment Eric :)
      Hmm yes I should get some pictures of all the chaps.
      I have a few more painted figures/armys to add to my Saga collection too since this was posted nigh on two years ago....Must resurrect this site a little I think. I have an age of the wolf campaign starting next week, i shall try and get a blog run of our progress perhaps, with pics :)