Sunday, 27 April 2014

Saga - Plastic Archers

Time for one of my infrequent posts. I know, but I have so much going on at the moment, the blog takes a bit of a back seat.

In my quest for something cool to paint, I have been converting a few plastic bowmen for use as archers in Norman/Carpetian Frank/Crusader armys for Saga. I really am surprised a company has not cottoned on to the fact that people want archers in plastic yet. there is a serious dearth of these. Still, with a little ingenuity I have created my own.

Parts are Conquest Games plastic Infantry, with a few arms from their mounted sprue, with Games Workshop bows and quivers out of my bits pile.

I took bows from the Militia sprues that GW make for their Empire army (and also released as Mordheim adventurers), and trimmed the hands off. These were then glued in the open right hands from the conquest games mounted sprue, and also the open left hand from the infantry sprue (this one is part of the greataxe pair). Quivers are a mix of types, no idea which range, though possibly undead? I shaved them a bit to remove the usual skulls GW love, and shaped the backs to fit better. Job Done...

I am actually really pleased with how these have turned out, and they have painted up well. I have twelve in total, with 4 painted so far.

Whilst I am posting, I have also been sorting some mounted guys for these too. Here is a couple of pictures.
Note the shields are hand painted, and thy came up rather nicely considering I think.

Let me know what you think, Cheers, John.


  1. Great looking minis, there, especially with the shields - that's where I think you can have some real fun with Dark Ages miniatures.

    I've been pulling my hair out thinking about how to source cheap archers for my Normans - I'd like two units of Levies in my 6 points warband - but plastic seems too much of a hassle, since it involves a lot of buying and mixing bits. I'm thinking about just picking up one of those 30 packs from Old Glory.

  2. These minis are really nice!