Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Lifes Little Delays

As the post title says, Life has a way of delaying the gaming experience every now and again.

At the end of January, my wife went in for a minor operation.

Unfortunately some complications from the surgery have made it a very long recovery period.

She is getting better, but it is a long, slow (and very painful for her) process.

Hence no real time for me to hit the Blog or do a lot of my gaming related things at present.

I have managed to base a few British Light Infantry (24 erm yes I am sure I need that many....) I picked up off Ebay (Front Rank again).

I also did a trade for some of the Warlord Games Indians (6 in total I kept, 1 I gave to a friend to use as a Sachem with his Crusader Indian deal he picked up) which I have based.

Warm weather (well warmer) helps promote my chances to get out to the garage and begin a little painting soon.

Still more will come, as things start to slowly ease back to more normal routines.

Cheers, John.

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