Wednesday, 18 September 2013

If Baldrick was an architect.......

Now I had a thought, one of those "cunning plan" moments. Even better, I have actually carried it out.

I play a LOT of SAGA. Most of my terrain set up is geared around this, but I still try to keep it generic enough that I can use it in the myriad of other games I do play.

I had two small buildings I picked up at Salute last year (2012) and a larger one I created myself as I could not find a larger one to compliment the two small ones at an appropiate price (cheap cheap cheap). I bought these mostly for use with Saga, but they work well as small barns/huts/etc etc in other systems. I did want to put a base on them though as they are resin, (and wood blocks for the homemade) just to help preserve them.

This is where the Baldrick moment comes in ----

As you can see I cunningly made the bases at exactly VS from all the building edges. Saga players will hopefully know then what this Lazy Boys visual aid is for (and that it saves a lot of faffing with measurements on occassion), but for other systems they are just a base. Win Win for me I think.

Cheers, John.

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