Sunday, 26 January 2014


Well it has been a while since I posted on the blog here.

What have I been up too? Mostly playing Saga, and Dark Heresy roleplaying, with a little 7th Sea CCG on the side.

A fair bit of Saga is under the belt, including some very interesting test games of some of the next release, but mostly getting ready for the Wyvern Games Saga tournament in February. Still trying to decide on which army to use, Franks are highly tempting at the moment, but then so are many others....Hopefully this coming monday will see me enlightened some more. Can not believe I have been playing this game for 2 years now, and am still enjoying it as much as when I first started.

I also got to watch a game of DBMM over christmas, which was quite interesting. Certainly a Cerebral game though, with lots of thought required to play it. (something I may just have to look at more, as I do like that sort of thing)

Painting wise, I am working on a few things, mostly Saga. I was kindly given some old Arab figures, (1980's figures I believe) so am working up Saga forces from them (this is for one of the forces for the next Saga release, old news I am sure as I was helping on the demo of it at Salute last year with one of the early versions of an Arab faction board).

I am also near completion on my Urban War Viridian force, with just  couple of figures to go. I got very lucky at a show with this and picked up a sauran rider very cheaply that I am working on atm, and a couple of final pieces I found at a reasonable price on Ebay, which when done will round it out nicely.

I will be going along to the Cavalier show in February by the way, so if anyone reads this and fancies meeting up for a hello, let me know.

For now, Cheers, and thanks for reading.


  1. I seem to remember that there was an Arab battleboard and faction rules in one of the mags last year (probably Wargames Illustrated), so it might be worth checking through those.

    1. Thanks for the thought Tamsin, I know the issue you mean.
      Fortunately for me though I am on the Saga playtest team as well as one of the moderators on the studio tomahawk forum, so already have Arab boards to test them out with.