Saturday, 8 February 2014

Activity unabated

Well the cold front is just hanging back making the garage still bearable at the moment down here in Kent.

Still getting Saga games in with my friend David on Monday nights, so the die are still a rolling, which is great. Very good warm up for the Wyvern Wargames Saga tournament we are going up to at the end of February too. Had a great time there last year, so am looking forward to this a lot. We also get to make a pit stop at Gripping Beast HQ, so I expect an empty wallet may be heading my way .... and if I don't clear it there, I have a trip to the Cavalier show  on the Sunday to totally finish me off. A whole weekend of gaming goodness, lord knows how I snuck that past the wife.

In other news I also announce a day of Saga Goodness myself and my good friends of the Friday Night Fire Fight Club are putting on in Canterbury on Saturday the 26th of April 2014.

More details of this can be found here -

With this in mind I have been beavering away making some rocky ground markers for the terrain on the day.

Simple idea - a flat marker board or cloth goes down with moveable rock pieces to show what it is.

Easy in use and to build - here is what I have so far - also on show are two of the markers for one of the missions (Holy Icon) I am making too.

A good start, few more bits required though.

While I am at it, here is a shot of the rest of the painting bench. An army slowly being worked up there for Saga (if you ignore the Vikings lurking in the middle, and the 8 scot levy javelin men, and the 4 conquest platic flems I am making). Guess what it is....

Finally, a picture of two old plastic GW Bretonian bowmen. I said I would show someone on a forum how I painted mine, to make them more generic looking for many games, so here they are. Very nice figures for silly cheap costs these, hard to not recommend them really.

 Cheers, John.

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