Sunday, 9 February 2014

Dark age figure scale picture in 28mm

Here is a picture of some of the different figure sizes available for the dark age lines now. Maybe someone will find it useful -

Manufacturers are from left to right -

Gripping beast plastic on a GW base (to allow compare to the Bretonian on same base size)

Games Workshop plastic Bretonian (old one piece pose) on GW base.

Gripping Beast Plastic on Renedra base

Gripping Beast metal on Renedra base

Conquest games plastic on Renedra base

Westwind metal on Renedra base (with GB head grafted on)

Crusader metal on Renedra base

Artizan metal on Renedra base


  1. Nice size comparison pic. thanks for posting the GW fig fits ok

    1. Yes I think they do sit rather well scale wise. Even more so for the fact they are usually extremely cheap on Ebay too.