Sunday, 9 March 2014

Saga Event Terrain

Well I have got enough terrain pieces done for 10 tables for the Saga event I am running.

Looks quite impressive altogether, covering a 4' x 3' cloth.

Proof they say is in the picture. Also note the 10 holy icon pieces are there too, tucked on on edge.

While I was there, I see the figures I have been working on slowly for a while have snuck into shot.

Some Gripping Beast Spanish - So far I have 5 points finished ready for Saga. I like these a lot, and they have turned out rather well I feel.

I also have been working on 2 Mounted Curaigh for my Saga Irish warband. One of the guys has had his paint finished. Sadly the shield does not look in the photograph anything like it looks in real life. It really looks good in the flesh, but looks total pants in the picture, oh well...

Well that has kept me pretty busy for a while. Onto the next 8 more Spanish light horse, and the other Curaigh tomorrow I guess (when his GS hair sets)

Cheers, John. 

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