Wednesday, 2 January 2013

My blog for my Musket and Tomahawks adventures.

Just before Christmas in 2012 I picked these rules up.

As it is now 2013 I thought it was about time to start one of these here blogs about my experiences.

So far, no games played, but the rules have been read and digested.

I have ordered up from Front Rank my first army. British, the list is -

Regular Officer 25pts

10 x Regular Infantry 80pts

7 x Rangers 63pts

4 x Indians (with the Auxillery Trait) 32pts

Since I have ordered this however, I have had a couple of chats with a very nice american chap called Jay, who has helped with some advice. Namely, do not take little 4 man Indian units as they will run fast.

So when I order my French (working a list for this) I will add a couple of Indians to round up the force and provide some variation.

I have got a game booked for Wednesday the 9th January, so looking forward to that. I will try and get a solo game in before then to trial the rules out.

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