Sunday, 6 January 2013

My British have arrived from Front Rank. I was very surprised at the great quality of these miniatures. Front Ranks webstore pictures really does not do any justice at all to these miniatures.

Here are some pics of the force straight from the packing -

First we have my Regular Unit, with the Army Officer. As they are hopefully to be used in a firing line, I went for just two styles of figure, the front rank kneeling, and the back rank standing. I just thought it would look more "uniform" on the table and show their regular infantry nature more.

Next is my Rangers, I went for a hunting shirt theme on these, and got a second welcome surprise as it turns out there are two slight head variants in two of the poses I picked. This means I can field a Unit of six that are all individuals when my extra 2 Indians arrive. (I have one extra of the kneeling guy)

Finally are my Indians. Again they have the Hunting shirt theme. I have two more of these coming to round the unit up, one of which is standing firing, and other one kneeling firing. These were probably the biggest surprise to me in the sculpting, as they really do not look that great on the shops site, where as they are actually very nice indeed in my opinion.

Here is a shot of the whole lot together.

Well now I have something to start getting ready. I shall base them up and slowly start exploring their paint work.


  1. Good luck with the Blog...I started mine ..Shed Wars ayear ago and it has been great fun.
    I spent six months putting together my FIW terrain and figures and have played numerous M&T games. Will return to this period soon.

    Eric the Shed

    1. Thank you Eric. Yours was one of the blogs that inspired me to begin this game. Some lovely stuff on there and I look forward to seeing more.

  2. A great collection so far. We use (a lot of) Front Rank redcoats in our Indostan games and find them a brilliant miniatures line. Good luck with the blog and hope to see some AAR soon.


    1. Thank you Frank. I have added your site to my blog list. I saw some great stuff on the quick browse through I took and was very impressed with the standard of the battle reports. Looks like some real fun games you have been having, set in some wonderful scenery.