Monday, 7 January 2013

Today I decided to paint one of the Indians. I also made a start on a couple more of the rangers, but only to pass the time between work on the Indian figure.

I was very pleased with how he turned out. A very nice figure, and the level of detail is quite astonishing. I hope I have done him justice.

Here is a close up of the face, it shows the face paint well, which shockingly actually came out just as I was trying to get it to look. The faded patches where the skin shows through are deliberate to make it look worn.
I am amazed it worked so well, the hard bit will be replicating the look on others. We shall see how I get on I guess.

 Finally another picture of the first ranger, all varnished and ready for basing. I shall do that by unit though so they get a matching look. I have made the mistake before of doing half a unit here, half a unit there and getting some slight colour differences on the base. (The picture did not come out all that well, but I will put it up as it does show the hand correction, even if the face does not show up)

Thanks for looking, again any thoughts are welcome and appreciated, John.

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