Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Well I got carried away again. I have ordered up some French to take on the British.

More Front Rank Figures. I also added a couple more Indians for my British force.

The French will have two options of play -

The primary list will be -

10 x Regular Infantry
6 x Chasseurs
5 Indians

Total @ 200pts exactly

Or the Secondary list of (my friend expressed an interest in these) -

Officer with Light Troop Officer and the Elite  upgrades
8 x Compagnies de la Marines
8 x Compagnies de la Marines
6 x Indians

Total @ 199pts

The British will now stand at -

10 Regular Infantry
7 Rangers
6 Indians

This will give me a little playing about room with them (not much, but some), but will lead into easier expansion I believe.

I was seriously tempted by the special Indian deal from North Star, but resisted, so I was not all bad to my wallet. I shall try and sell something first before this ends, and if so.....

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