Sunday, 6 January 2013

Well the boys have been cleaned up (very minimal flash and mould lines I have to say) and stuck to some bases (renedra 20mm squares) that I had from my plastic Saga stuff.

I have actually started painting too. The first guy I have done is one of the Rangers.

It is actually quite handy taking the photo as it has shown that the right hand and the face still need a little touch up to finish him off, which I must say I did not notice before the picture.

Once that has been done, I shall crack open the varnish then get some pumice on the base.

Now I do not profess to be the greatest painter (or photographer) by any means, but I do not think he has come out too badly, and seems to fit the period quite well. Your comments and observations are most welcome.

I will list paints and stuff for the pro's, but I use such a mishmash its not going to be that useful -

GW Catchacan Green
GW Scorched Earth
GW Boltgun Metal
Taimya Flat Earth
Taimya Brown
Some random makes Brown Ink (very very dark stuff)
Privateer Press Coal Black
Privateer Press sanguine red
GW Blood Red
GW Elf Flesh

That was about it for this guy, some of these paints are a bit old too (10+ years), but well they still work and mix well. I suppose its just what I am used too.

Cheers, John.


  1. Just a few recommendations on the painting...

    1. Paint up half a dozen figures at a time..its quicker
    2. Invest in the Army Painter dip...I started using this about a year ago. Dont bother with shading anymore.
    3. If you are zticking with inkwashes coat the figure in windsor and newton - nutbrown ink. It brings the colours to life.
    4. I see you have bought several figures to paint. Set yourself a goal to finish these -
    I tend to push myself (we all want to play !) so end up getting up crazy early (6am) and get an hour in each morning before hopping off to work.

    Have fun


    1. Thanks for the thoughts there Eric. Some very good points mentioned.

      I am quite lucky with these in that I have actually just finished all of my Saga figures (apart from a plastic box of foot normans from conquest games but I don't need these finished at the moment as I have so much other stuff done) so have got a clear painting table at the moment. My goal is to have both the 200pt armys I have finished before Salute. This then lets me get going on what I buy there. Thats the plan at least.

      It is interesting that you mention the ink. Not something I normally use, I actually cracked it open on this for the tassles on the coat only. Other shading is mainly my painting style (I suppose you could call it a style, more like 15+ years of daubing experiance) and a little GW gryphon sepia?? wash on the leggings. I did end up using the Ink to "paint" the woodstock on the musket and the axe handle and finally to darken off the moccasins.

      Cheer, John.